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2020-2021 School Year

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2020-2021 CALENDAR
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Attendance Procedure – Peru Middle School

Starting on 9/28/2020, Peru Middle School will start an updated attendance procedure. Students who are scheduled to report to school for in-person instruction will have their attendance taken in the school by their instructors. For example, a Hybrid A in-person student on an A day will be marked present or absent based upon being in school or not.  All other students will submit a daily attendance form indicating that they are able to attend to their school work. This form must only be completed once per day and it must be completed by 8:30 am.

Please see this link matrix for clarity:  Middle School Attendance Matrix

The link for the Daily Attendance Form is listed here:      Middle School Attendance Form

Teachers will share it via Google Classroom.
Mr. Storms
Mrs. Sexton




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Peru Middle School Mission


Peru Middle School students value the voice and views of each community member
“Be Respectful”

Peru Middle School students contribute to building a positive community
“Be Responsible”

Peru Middle School students support and encourage everyone
“Be Kind”

Peru Middle School students create a healthy and welcoming environment.
“Be Safe”

Peru Middle School aims to inspire and empower students to excel both academically and socially, while preparing them to be productive citizens and future leaders. Peru Middle School provides a nurturing and safe environment that fosters rigorous academics with a technological and creative curriculum to prepare students to become lifelong learners. Through a focus on academics, relationships, and connections, Peru Middle School is committed to making the middle school experience meaningful for all students.