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About Peru Central School’s Prekindergarten

The Peru Central School District was recently awarded a grant that will allow our district to create a program for forty (40) Prekindergarten students. Prekindergarten is not mandatory; parents can choose to participate in the program. In order to be eligible, children must turn 4 years old before December 1, 2021 or those students eligible for kindergarten the following school year.

The Prekindergarten program is free to district residents as this is a full day program. The Prekindergarten Program started in January 2018. One twenty (20) student classroom is hosted in the K-5 building and twenty (20) students is hosted by the JCEO Head Start. Since there are only forty (40) slots available, we first serve students that qualify under Head Start criteria and guidelines. These students will be placed at the JCEO Head Start site. We will be selecting the remaining students utilizing a lottery.

Regardless of site, our Pre-K program will be a district program across sites in which all students will receive early education support and the same curriculum. Sites will be determined by need and eligibility guidelines.

Classes have a maximum of 20 children to make sure each child gets the individual attention that makes the prekindergarten experience meaningful.

Update: The Peru Prekindergarten Program has been granted a waiver and will now host both of the Peru Prekindergarten classrooms of (18 students) at the Peru Central School District in the Primary building. Busing will be available to students at age 4. If your child is selected in the lottery for a spot in the classroom and is 3 years old, parents must provide transportation to and from school until the child turns 4 years old.

For more information about what you need to register your child, visit our Prekindergarten Registration Packet section or click here, Prekindergarten Registration Packet. This link will open in a new tab.

Please click here to view or download our Pre-K Brochure. This link will open in a new tab.

If you are interested in having your child(ren) attend Peru CSD’s Prekindergarten program, when are they eligible?

Please click here to view or download our Prekindergarten Questionnaire This link will open in a new tab.

You also can call Mrs. Ward, PreKindergarten Coach/Coordinator between 8:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (during school session) at 518-643-6100. 




Children will enjoy a play-based learning environment with opportunities for rich, growth-producing experiences.
Instruction is intentional and responsive to children’s backgrounds and needs.
There is time for independent learning, as well as collaboration with peers.

Family Engagement

Parents are welcomed as partners and active participants in our program!
Help us observe your child’s growth.
Volunteer in your child’s learning environment.



  • We offer a high quality, full-day Prekindergarten program, staffed by early childhood certified teachers who are knowledgeable about child development.
  • Breakfast and lunch with Pre-K peers.
  • Children will enjoy library, music, art, and gym.
  • Shared learning experiences, such as field trips, are part of our curriculum.
  • Bus transportation will be provided for all 4 year old children.




  • All play serves a purpose and has proven to be an essential part of early learning.
  • Cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical skills are gained by children during play. These skills are vital for achieving success as they continue to grow.
  • Children develop curiosity, problem solving skills, intentionality, flexibility, and both verbal and non-verbal skills through play.
  • Emotional intelligence grows as well. Learning confidence, cooperation, negotiation, sharing, empathy, and communication skills are all beneficial for your child’s development.





Registration is required to participate in our lottery.

The registration form is available on the Peru CSD website or at the Peru Primary office.


We offer free developmental screening in the spring to any resident of Peru who is turning 4 on/or before December 1st.
Contact the Peru Primary office at 518-643-6100 to sign up for screening.


How does the prekindergarten lottery work?

All registrations will be numbered in the order it is received. These numbers will be used for the lottery selection. Once slots are assigned, all remaining students registered will be chosen by lottery and placed on a waiting list in the order of selection. Waiting list lottery will continue until all registered student applications are exhausted. The lottery will take place on Wednesday, April 1, 2022 between 12:00-2:00pm at the Primary Office. Once students are selected, families will receive detailed information for their Pre-K site including transportation, schedules, and teacher information. All selected students will need to confirm registration and acceptance into program. The deadline for selection acceptance will be on Thursday, April 9, 2022.

After the acceptance date, any remaining slots will be filled in the order of the randomly assigned waiting list.

Once lottery seats are assigned and waiting list is complete, the district will mail you one of two letters: an acceptance letter or a waiting-list letter. All waiting list letters will include your place on the waiting list and your assigned number.

If your child receives an acceptance letter, it is expected that, if awarded, you will return the acceptance letter by the deadline and your child will be officially registered for Pre-K. If you do not respond to the acceptance letter by the deadline indicated in the letter, your child’s spot will be given to another child from the waiting list.

If your child receives a waiting-list letter, you will be notified if a slot becomes available based on your place on the waiting list. This includes Head Start, if you are eligible.

Please find the online registration information at: Prekindergarten Registration Packet (Click Here) This link will open in a new tab.

Completed registration packets are due by 3:00pm on March 20, 2022 to be considered for the September 2022 Prekindergarten classroom lottery. All registration packets must be dropped off at the registration office located in the District Office- High School Building.

You can also pick one up at the Primary Office located at the small pillars in the Primary building, entrance E8 or call 518-643-6103 for a Prekindergarten Registration Packet.

Please click here to view the Prekindergarten Canvass Letter. This link will open in a new tab.


Peru Prekindergarten Contact Information

Contact: Mrs. Mary Ward, PreKindergarten Coordinator/Coach at 518-643-6100 for more information.

Contact: Registration Office at 518-643-6011 for Prekindergarten Registration Packet.