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Preparing our Students for Success!

The theme at Peru High School is Teaching Greatness. The development of our Comprehensive Educational Building Plan targets all areas for continuous improvement of our graduation rates. Our district goal is to have 90% of our students graduate annually. The building plan is based on five pillars, Belonging, Curriculum, Intervention, Middle Level Experience, and Professional Learning Community. Many aspects of our plan are interwoven to foster collaboration, engage families and community. The ultimate focus of the plan is to meet the needs of each student. All students are encouraged to become engaged in aspects of the building programs to find their personal greatness. We firmly believe each student has a special talent or gift to enhance our learning environment.

The foundation of our 7-12 building has included a complete overhaul of our Middle School level program in grades 7 & 8. The teacher teams have done an outstanding job re-creating teaming models to strengthen adolescent development academically and socially. Integrated teaming with curriculum grounded in problem based learning fosters a 21st Century learning program focusing on Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication.

In an effort to increase rigor, all disciplines have strengthened curriculum to meet the needs of common core shifts. All core disciplines have doubled sections of our honors program. Accelerated programs from middle to high school have expanded in the areas of technology, art, and science to meet the ongoing STEAM initiatives. Through our collective dedication, we are truly able to teach greatness while challenging more children. We have continued to support and expand our AP program by offering summer training to faculty and offering more AP classes for students. We are recognized nationally as an AP Honor Roll school.

The Peru Pride Project (P3) is a culmination of student empowered leadership initiatives. The Positive School Environment Team (PSET), College for Every Student (CFES) and our Building Leadership Team (BLT) have joined forces to foster a sense of belonging, a culture of positivity through student lead programing. All P3 leaders participate in Leadership Lunch. The students promote our greatness theme through service and leadership projects that engage all students in the building.

P3 Student leaders promote monthly themes in the areas of acceptance and tolerance to create a positive school culture. Over fifty students in grades 11 & 12 have been trained as leader mentors. These peer empowerment leaders meet with all students in grades 7 & 8 each bi-week to teach lessons on leadership, respect, and self-advocacy. These peer to peer connections foster a stronger school community. Other P3 Student lead initiatives include, Positive Action Week, Lunch and a Movie, Academic Pep-Rally and Principal’s Breakfast.

All faculty members have strengthened instructional practices with common core skills in the areas of reading writing and vocabulary development. Grade level bands continue to share curriculum across programs to strengthen consistencies in each of these areas. The Professional Learning Community of teachers is based on data driven instruction, interventions, and collaboration.

Teaching Greatness is leading our Peru school community onto a pathway of lifelong learning and success!


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