Intermediate Faculty & Staff Directory

If you would like to leave a voicemail for a district employee, please dial 518-643-6000 and use the employee’s voicemail extension when prompted. All voicemail extensions begin with “5”.  If you need immediate assistance, please call the main office.

Name (Last, First)PositionEmail AddressWebsite
Allen, EmilyMusic
Backlas, KathyTeaching
Berry, LizSpecial Education
Berry, Tiffany4th Grade
Bonville, Jodie3rd Grade Teacherjosborne@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Brindisi, Nick3rd Grade
Brown, AmandaTeacher Assistantabrown@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Cantwell, KathyArt Teacherkcantwell@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Castine, Mike4th Grade
Cramer, SaraArt
Cavanaugh, KathleenCounselorkcavanaugh@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Coupal, AmandaAIS Provideracoupal@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Cromp, AshliSpeech Language
Crowley, KellyAIS Providerkcrowley@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Draper, Taylor5th Grade
Duprey, Craig5th Grade
Dubay, Beth5th Grade
Edwards, Susan3rd Grade
Frostick, Becky3rd Grade Teacherrfrostick@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Fuller, RebeccaPsychologistrfuller@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Funk, MeganAIS
Gillman, JuliaSpeech Language
Guay, Lisabeth5th Grade
Hogan, JulieCounselorjhogan@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Kelley, Sarah4th Grade
Kinne, Lara5th Grade Teacherlkinne@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Korth, Michael4th Grade
LaBombard, JenniferSpecial Ed Teacherjlabombard@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Laundree, Caren3rd Grade
Lawton, KaylieSpecial Education
Marcil, CindyAIS Providercmarcil@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Marshall, AmiePE Teacherachase@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
McKee, CaitlinSpecial Ed
Miller, AlexisPE
Mitchell, JohnMedia
Niquette, MelissaTeaching
Petro, StephanieTechnology Instructionspetro@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Rogers, Amanda4th Grade
Roy, SondraAIS Providersroy@perucsd.orgPersonal Website
Smith, Amanda3rd Grade
Snow, KaseySpecial Ed
Tedesco, LauraTeaching
Terry, AlesiaSpecial Ed
Trombley, MaryJo4th Grade
Vaillancourt, SarahSpecial Education
VanNederynen, DanSpecial Education
Webb, Bethany5th Grade
Weiss, JoanneLibrary
Yonteff, MeganMusic Teachermyonteff@perucsd.orgPersonal Website