• Welcome to Peru Central School District!
    Depending upon your position, please go to the appropriate section (PAT or CSEA) and print all applicable forms to turn in to the District Office
    Please complete and return the following items as soon as possible: 
    • Form W-4
    • IT-2104 (or IT-2104-E if exempt)
    • Form I-9-please provide us with 2 original forms of acceptable identification as directed
    • Constitution/Oath Form
    • Release of Information Form - MUST be signed in the presence of a notary
    • Direct Deposit Authorization From - optional
    • Information Technology Network Consent Statement
    • 21/26 Pay Plan Form - if applicable
    • OMNI 403(b) Flex Form - must be signed on back side
    • Retirement System Information Form - please notify us if you are currently a member of TRS or ERS and provide a copy of your membership card or annual statement
    • BOE Policies Form
    • AFLAC Form
    • NYS Deferred Comp Plan (457) Form
    *You will find printable versions of each form listed above under the "Forms" tab.*

    *Please note that not all payroll packets will include all of the above documents*

    *Please note that the name on your paycheck should match the name on your social security card*
    As an employee of Peru School, you are eligible to become a member of Peru Central School Federal Credit Union -- if interested, please visit the website at http://www.pcsfcu.com for more information.
    If you have any questions concerning payroll issues, tax sheltered annuities, United Way contributions, attendance/leave time, union dues, direct deposit, retirement system information, or name and address change - please contact Donya Rock at Ext. 6005, or Tracy Strack at Ext. 6007, in the District Office from 7:30-3:30.
    If you have any questions concerning Health Insurance, Life Insurance, or Cafeteria Plan (flexible spending) - please contact Elizabeth Buckley at Ext. 6009 in the District Office from 6:30 - 2:30.