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    Class of 2020


    Pathways in Technology Early College High School


    P-TECH is an innovative program that is taking shape across the state. ADK P-TECH was founded in 2013 as one of 16 P-TECH schools funded in Round One of a New York State and Federally funded Early College High School initiative. There are currently 26 P-TECH schools operating in New York State with an additional 7 schools scheduled to open for students in the Fall of 2017.
    "In a P-TECH 9-14 school, students earn a high school diploma, an industry-recognized associate degree, and gain relevant work experience in a growing field. The schools create a seamless program for students to acquire the academic, technical, and workplace skills and knowledge that employers need.
    The unique culture of a P-TECH 9-14 school is built upon high expectations for students and adults alike. Students see themselves as "college students" and "on a career pathway" from the moment they begin 9th grade.
    Likewise, teachers, partners, and parents work together to ensure that every student graduates fully prepared for the 21st century workplace."

    ADK P-TECH students attend classes on the Peru High School Campus during Year 1-3 in "a school within a school model." Students will transition to the Clinton Community College Campus during Year 4 and complete degree requirements in Years 5-6.
    A very exciting  addition to the North Country is the Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI). The AMI will be constructed on the CCC Campus through a 12.7 million dollar grant through the SUNY 2020 Challenge Grant Program. ADK P-TECH students will have the opportunity to work side by side with CCC students and Indsutry Professionals at the AMI.