• Peru CSD is proud of its dynamic, experienced, and talented leadership team.  Each administrator who serves the District is deeply committed to the continuous pursuit of excellence.  Our shared goal is to promote student growth and to provide rich learning opportunities for all children and young adults to develop their unique skills and talents.

    The District is comprised of two buildings, each with approximately one thousand students.  The Elementary School benefits from a shared leadership design with Co-Principals to assure consistency of program and continuity of curricula across grade levels, K-6.  Our students and their parents are provided a more personalized experience in a family oriented House model that groups students and teachers in grades K-2 and 3-6 at either end of a continuous Elementary building.  Both ends of the building are adjoined by a new elevator and open staircase.

    The Jr/Sr High School has a highly experienced principal at the helm and two associate principals supporting the work being done with our older students.  The building contains an interdisciplinary middle level program for 7-8 grade students, a more traditional 9-12 high school, as well as the ADK P-Tech program which accepts students from across the region. 

    In addition to our building level leaders, there is one director responsible for the purposeful delivery of student services, to include seamless intervention supports for academic success, and one director in charge of assessment data, curriculum, and professional development to assure systems alignment and deliberate instruction. 

    The District is privileged to have a veteran business administrator who skillfully aligns precious community resources to advance the critically important mission of serving young learners. 

    Peru CSD is led by its Superintendent of Schools who coordinates the efforts and contributions of this team to assure the highest quality program that our students deserve and our community expects.


    "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."  

    John F. Kennedy