CV-TEC Proudly Announces: TEC KidNections

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Featuring exploratory, fun-filled, classes. Open to middle school and high school students, parents, grandparents, and adults seeking exposure to TEChnical learning and fun.

Classes include:

  • LEGO Robotics!
  • Performing Mini Facials & Mini Manicures!
  • Fresh Pasta Making
  • Soup Making 101
  • Build Your Own Adirondack Chair
  • Marine Knot Tying
  • 4 Hour Self Defense Course for Beginners
  • Troubleshooting Your Home Network
  • And Many More!!

CV-TEC invites parents and family members to experience the fascinating world of Career and TEChnical Education (CTE). New, this Spring, “TEC KidNections!” invites parents and children to participate in Mini CTE courses at its multiple campus locations! Dates, times and locations will vary for individual sessions. See TEC KidNections Catalog for complete listing of sessions, times, and registration information using the link below: This link will open in a new tab.

For more information visit: This link will open in a new tab. or call us at 518-561-0100 ext 240