"For many of us, work is the one place where we feel appreciated. The things that we long to experience at home - pride in our accomplishments, laughter and fun, relationships that aren't complex - we sometimes experience most often in the office. Bosses applaud us when we do a good job. Co-workers become a kind of family we feel we fit into." -Arlie Russell Hochschild
"Project KUDOS" is a positive reinforcement for everyone!  If you notice someone, a staff member or student, doing something great, commend that individual and share their efforts with their supervisor(s), principal, teacher(s), other co-workers and/or peers.  We want to recognize as much of the good that is happening around us each and every day throughout the whole year as we are able to.  Optimism is infectious!  It portrays a great example and stimulates the perfect "feel good" emotion we all need and love because lets face it, the days are much more enjoyable when one is looking at the glass as "half-full".   
Note:  Once the digital marquee is fully functional, we will be able to share positive contributions of students and staff members across the broader community on the "Big Screen". Broadcasting positivity affirms those who contribute their time and energy to making our schools a better place to learn and to work. Sharing positive news also sends a healthy message into our surrounding community, similar to the metaphor of our clock tower that illuminates a brilliant message across town each night, how central our schools are to this great community and all that we are capable of accomplishing when we work in harmony.