Buildings and Grounds Introduction
Welcome to the online home of Peru Central School District Buildings and Grounds Department!  This department is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and cleaning of the 300,000+ square feet of interior spaces, as well as the snow removal and lawn care for approximately 45 acres of exterior grounds, campus wide.  This work is accomplished by a diverse staff which includes twenty custodial workers, three maintenance team members, and two grounds keepers.  All of these staff members are 12-month employees who work full time, 8 hours per day.  Two shifts (day and evening) are covered Monday through Friday by the department.  Staffing for evening and weekend events is covered by the custodians utilizing overtime on a voluntary basis. The buildings are covered by a part time security guard/building checker on weekends and holidays.
Matt LeFevre is currently our Director of Facilities III. 

Colleen Carter is the Head Custodian.  Colleen works the evening shift, supervising the work of the 18 custodians that perform the bulk of the cleaning tasks while the buildings are largely unoccupied. 

Our staff continues to train on the proper usage of equipment, safety and chemical products.  We strive to expose our staff to the latest technology, and new cleaning products.  Several members of the staff have also participated in voluntary training in CPR and AED usage.  We strive to present the brightest, cleanest and safest atmosphere for our students to learn and grow.

 Matt LeFevre
 Matt LeFevre
Facilities Director III
    Fax: 518-643-6056
 Colleen Carter
         Colleen Carter
         Head Custodial
          Paul Gillman
   Maintenance Mechanic             
Walt Cookingham
       Walt Cookingham
     Head Groundskeeper